Monday, March 31, 2014

The Perfectly Powerful Peanut Expressed in 12 New Ads From The National Peanut Board.


A new print, online and transit campaign by Atlanta ad agency Lawler Ballard Van Durand for the National Peanut Board combines the people photography of Chris Crisman with botanical illustrations by Wendy Hollender and Rose Pellicano.

According to The National Peanut Board people love peanuts, but they may not have always associated peanuts with the nutrition credit they deserve. So they

Hand Cut Illuminated Paper Art by Hari & Deepti

Harikrishan Panicker and Deepti Nair, who both hail from India, go by the duo artist name of Hari & Deepti. Together they create small and large diorama artworks made of intricately cut layered paper lit by LED lights.

Tree of Light, unlit and lit:

Spirit of the Forest (lit and unlit):

The Protector (lit and unlit):


Fire Wolves and the Lone Warrior:

When Life Gives You Lemons

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kit Kat's Tribute To Lego


Kit Kat continues to engage people and set social media sites abuzz with their fun guerilla marketing projects. Their latest is a tribute to Lego. They created their own unofficial Lego Kit Kat kit, if you will, to encourage people to "Build Their Own Break"- a play on the candy's long time tagline. The boxed set is numbered 27325 and has been named #LEGOKITKAT.

Yesterday, they sent the

Alas, My Knight In Shining Porcelain. Eleven Of Them.


11 suits of armor, each measuring 1.6 meters tall and made of transparent glazed porcelain, flank the public area of the Provincial building in Leeuwarden. Designed by Hans van Houwelingen in collaboration with Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum who produced the pieces, the 11 porcelain knights were part of a triptych of works commissioned by The Province of Friesland whose common theme involves the

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Giant Floating Skate Ramp In Lake Tahoe For Bob Burnquist.


Pro-skater Bob Burnquist has skated on almost every surface imaginable. Now he can add the surface of the water to that list. As part of California's Dream 365 Project, a collection of inspiring videos, photos, memes, tweets and more designed to increase tourism to California, Burnquist proves he can Dream Big and builds a large floating skate ramp in the waters of gorgeous Lake Tahoe.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Marge Simpson Is Brought To Life.


Photographer Alexander Khokhlov has brought Matt Groening's cartoon character Marge Simpson to life through the art of make-up.

above: Marge’s hair was created with the real chrysanthemums painted in blue.

Here’s a backstage video from the shooting of Marge Simpson image.

Face-art: Veronica Ershova
Hairstyle, flowers: Mikhail Kravchenko
Model: Kate Moukhina

The Silence Of Dogs In Cars Photographed by Martin Usborne


Most people balk at leaving a dog alone in a parked car for many a good reason; dangers of overheating or freezing, dog-napping, and yes, loneliness. London-based fine art photographer and animal lover /activist Martin Usborne, captures the forlorn and melancholy beauty of these poignant animals in his 96 page hardcover photo book The Silence of Dogs in Cars

"I was once left in a car at a

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Micro Compact Home Is Proof That Good Things Come In Small Packages

The micro compact home is a high quality compact dwelling for one or two people. Its neat dimensions of a 2.66m cube adapt it to a variety of sites and circumstances, and its functioning sleeping, working/dining, cooking and bath spaces make it suitable for everyday use.

The m-ch is the outcome of a research project at Technical University Munich to design a 2.6m cube dwelling. The project

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Anderson, Kubrick and Tarantino's Directing Styles As Seen by Kogonada.


Kogonada is a filmmaker and regular contributor to Sight & Sound. His projects have been featured on NPR, The Atlantic, Canal+ and Der Spiegel, and have screened internationally. He was born in Seoul, Korea.

His videos posted on Vimeo are almost always “Staff Picks’ and that’s because they are both informative and entertaining for film buffs as well as the general public.

I’m sharing with

High Tech Desk With High Price Tag Has High Hopes: The Stir Kinetic Desk

Many of us spend a good portion of our waking hours at desks, using computers and other devices to communicate and collaborate with the world around us. The folks at Stir felt that there was an incredible opportunity to re-imagine the desk as something powerful, life-changing and even lovable and that's how they came up with the pricey $3,890 Stir Kinetic Desk.

The people behind Stir are

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Artist Decorated Surfboard Auction Benefits Waves For Water.


With only five days left to bid, Juxtapoz Magazine, California-based shop UNIV and San Francisco's Chandran Gallery's benefit auction for Waves For Water feature 19 uniquely decorated surfboards by various and respected artists. Waves for Water is an organization on the ground in the Philippines, mobilizing an urgent clean water disaster relief initiative in the aftermath of Super Typhoon

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Incredible Whimsical Steampunk Sculptures of Stephane Halleux.


You may not be familiar with the name Stéphane Halleux, but if you saw the Oscar-winning animated short, Mr. Hublot, you've already seen some of his work. I'd been following his talents for awhile and was thrilled with the recognition Mr. Hublot received at the 2014 Academy Awards.

Stephane crafted the main character for Mr. Hublot, whom he affectionately called "Mr. Cinema" during his

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Tub For Two Prescribed By Agape: The DR Tub


Brazilian designer and architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK2 and Mariana Ruzante designed this new organically shaped bathtub for two for Agape. The DR Tub (pronounced "Doctor") was unveiled early this year at the IMM Cologne fair and was the most talked about new product from Agape.

To quote the designers, “The intention is to create a friendly, sensual and charismatic object. The smooth,

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kevin Bacon Recreates Footloose Entrance on Tonight Show 30 Years Later


This is epic. The fabulous Kevin Bacon recreates, step by step, his 'Footloose' entrance on NBC's The Tonight Show after Jimmy proclaims that dancing has been outlawed by NBC. In addition to sharing the 3 and a half minute video with you, I simply had to make some screen grabs so you can see the details, because the whole thing is so hilariously done.

Beginning in the dressing room Kevin

Crazy Counters: Caesarstone presents 'Islands' by Raw Edges


As part of their ongoing commitment to creating new platforms for design, Caesarstone has collaborated with London design studio Raw Edges to produce Islands. The brief was to re-examine the domestic environment and the use of surface. With their signature creativity, Raw-Edges transforms the surface into the structure itself. Available in a range of sizes and proportions, Islands is designed

Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Electric. it Folds. And It's Smarter Than You. The Awesome Gi Bike.

The new Gi Bike is a full-sized folding electric bike with wireless smartphone integration. Weighing a scant 15.4 lb (7kg)*, the aluminum frame bike is loaded with features, looks futuristic and comes with its own app and USB port for both Android and iOS phones.

Folding in a mere 3 seconds with a single-motion operation, the Gi Bike can run 40 miles on one battery charge and reaches speeds

Thursday, March 20, 2014

True Detective a la Hardy Boys Book Covers by Todd Spence


Self-proclaimed Geek art illustrator and editor of, Todd Spence, created these fabulous mash-ups of the two main characters from HBO's True Detective, Rustin Cohle (Matt McConaughy) and Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) with vintage Hardy Boys Detective novels.

The results are friggen' fabulous.

A shout out to my friend Fred Dekker for turning me onto these.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Magritte Surrealist Collection For Men and Women at Opening Ceremony.

For the past two months, there's been some media buzz about the Surrealist capsule collection of 'wearable art' inspired by Rene Magritte for men and women from hip retailer Opening Ceremony set to launch in May. Now the apparel pieces are in and available for pre-order and I've got a look at all of them here for you.

clockwise from upper left: Many of Magritte's well-known works are

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

100% Natural Hand-Crafted Wood Watches From JORD.

Wristwatches so often fall into two distinct categories: High-end titanium, ceramic, stainless and gold watches that cost a fortune or cheap plastic, rubber and metal trendy watches. Finally, there's an alternative and it's perfect todays' fashionable yet eco-conscious consumer: premium timepieces hand-crafted from natural woods in multiple styles suitable for men and women.

The first

Monday, March 17, 2014

Packaging For The Happy Show's Typographic Films by Sagmeister & Walsh

These beautifully designed limited edition Blu-ray packages for three of Sagmeister & Walsh's typographic films, currently shown as part of the traveling exhibition "The Happy Show", each contain a unique earthenware USB drive (specific to each film), the disc and a certificate of authenticity. All the black boxes were individually written on by Stefan.

Centered around the designer's

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Aston Martin Unveils 2015 Black and White Carbon Editions Of The DB9.

When it comes to pure car body styling, the Aston Martin DB9 has always been one of my favorites. Now, it's even sexier in two new special editions, Carbon Black and Carbon White.

Style and visual drama are the special editions hallmarks as they perfectly emphasize the timeless GT’s sporting nature.

The new Carbon Black accentuates the 183 mph DB9’s 6.0-litre V12 potential through a

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nendo Designs Coffee Mugs For Starbucks That Never Need A Refill.


Okay, so they do actually need a refill if you'd like a second cup. However, when turned upside down, these three new mugs designed for Starbucks in Japan appear as a full Americano, latte and caramel macchiato.

Japanese design firm Nendo took Starbucks’ classic white coffee mug and added a graphic to the base that looks like the surface of a coffee drink, so that when the mug is drying or

2014 Runway Fashions Depicted In Embroidery by Jenifer Corker

Artist, jewelry designer and embroiderer Jenifer Corker depicted some of the latest fashions to walk the runway in embroidery for SHOW Studio.

above: Jenifer Corker, Embroidery, Hussein Chayalan FW 2014 (detail)

Her recreation of pieces from the 2014 Fall Winter collections of fashion designers Hussein Chayalan, Chanel, Givenchy, Giambattista Valli, Haider Ackerman, Celine, Yojhi Yamamoto,

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Self-Sufficient Energy Neutral Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter

Taking six years to create and construct, the design of Villa Kogelhof is based on complete autarky: the house is energy neutral. By utilizing several techniques, the villa maintains a comfortable climate all year long, while being extremely energy efficient. The goal for the villa was to be self-sufficient; to generate its own energy, to heat its own water and to recycle its own garbage.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tasty 3D Type Design by Chris LaBrooy.


If you ever need some dimensionalized type for a project, 3D artist Chris LaBrooy is your man. With a portfolio full of inspiring personal projects and commissioned work, the freelance UK designer (whose architectural typography I have shared with you in the past) is hard to beat. Take a look at some of his terrific work.

Personal Projects

A personal project experimenting with different 3D

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dick Pics - Groin Gazing By Photographer Claire Milbrath.


An equal opportunity exploiter, it's only fair I share some sexy male pics with my readers after having had posted the 2014 SI Swimsuit Models wearing nothing but body paint.

Vice Magazine's Groin Gazing fashion editorial gives us a look at... well, groins. Twenty-one of them to be exact, each dressed in a various fashion stereotype. The male member is sexily implied and outlined in men's

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Edible Instagrams! Your Pics On A Marshmallow Are A Sweet Idea from Boomf.


Thanks to my friend Scott, I now know that London company Boomf has come up with the idea of printing your Instagram photos on sweet, squishy completely edible marshmallows!

Each Boomf is a 24 calorie bite-sized 4cm by 4cm square treat printed with edible ink that will last for 6 months in their packaging or 3-5 days once opened. They come nine to a box for £12 (approximately $20) and

J&B Commissioned A Tattoo Artist To Ink 25 Limited Edition Bottles of Scotch.


The idea to tattoo the bottles was devised by French design studio Button Button as an unusual way to commemorate J&B's heritage.

J&B Rare scotch blend whisky was born in London second part of XIXth century from famous wine and spirits merchant Justerini & Brooks willing to create its own house whisky. It is exactly at the same period that tattoo started to spread through London, after

Monday, March 10, 2014

Milton Glaser Designs Season 7 Poster For Mad Men - a Q&A With The Designer.


At 84 legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser is still creating and was enlisted to design the promotional ads for the upcoming season of AMC's Mad Men. As the advertising drama moves into the late 60's, the show's creator, Matthew Weiner and the Mad Men promotional team began thinking about the appropriate advertising aesthetic as the show approached its final two years.

above: the final

You May Know Her as Jessa on GIRLS, But Jemima Kirke Is Also A Talented Artist.


above: Jemima stands in front of two of her works (image cropped, courtesy of Warholian)

above left: Jemima on GIRLS and above right: a 2010 self-portrait in oil (SOLD)

London-born actress Jemima Kirke, who you may know as the selfish, self-destructive but likeable Jessa on the HBO series GIRLS, also happens to be a fine artist. The 27 year old, who was born hip with a drummer as a father

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Must-See TRUE DETECTIVE Facts, Photos, Quotes, Art, Parodies and Links.


Tonight airs the 8th episode and season finale of HBO's True Detective. An addictive new series that premiered January 12, 2014 starring Matthew McConaughey (as Rustin Cohle) and Woody Harrelson (as Marty Hart) that has caught on like wildfire and spurred numerous online discussions, fan sites, theories and of course, satire.

Great acting coupled with intense writing that contains

A Dog-Shaped Children's Desk, Le Chien Savant, by Philippe Starck.

A recent addition to the Magis Me Too Collection, the children's arm of Magis Design, is Le Chien Savant.

Designed by Philippe Starck, Le Chien Savant is a children’s combination chair and desk in the shape of a dog that was inspired by C. Bavaud

"As a child I never liked school, but I loved dogs.
Should I had met this learned dog at that time, I would have become a scholar, too.
But I

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Best Time To Go Pee During A Movie? There's An App For That.


Yes, there really is an app for just about everything. And RunPee is proof of that. The app, which is downloadable for the iPhone, Android and Windows phones, is pretty damn genius. Not only has Dan Florio come up with a wonderful idea for movie watchers with small bladders or enlarged prostates, but he has also created and implemented the app in such a way that it is truly helpful and more

Drug Lined Coasters by Artist Nir Hod Will Get Any Party Started.

Inspired by artist Nir Hod's series of oil on mirror paintings entitled The Night You Left, Hod bottles the recurring themes of introspection and longing contemplated in this body of work into a functional object: a set of four mirrored coasters, lined with digitally printed white powder.

The paintings that inspired the coasters:

above: Nir Hod, 2007 and 2001, The Night You Left, oil on

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Polish Embassy In Paris Has Its Own 2014 Calendar. And It's Beautiful.


That's right, an Embassy that has its own calendar - and a good one to boot. This year fashion photographer Piotr Stoklosa shoots his third calendar for the Polish Embassy in Paris. For the 2014 Calendar Piotr joined forces with stylist and editor-in-chief of Polish magazine VIVA! Moda, Agnieszka Scibior, for the fashion centric calendar.

above: model Patrycja Gardygajlo

Stunning beauty,

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Louis Vuitton Designs Carbon Fiber Luggage for the Revolutionary BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid.

Buy a BMW i8 and you not only get a sleek, sexy, plug-in hybrid with gullwing doors, but also a trunk full of luxurious luggage. Louis Vuitton has teamed up with the automaker to create a tailor-made set of luggage for the new revolutionary vehicle.

above: The revolutionary BMW i8 plug-in hybrid features gullwing doors

The innovative collection of luggage comprises two travel bags, a

A Moody Miley Stars In Marc Jacobs New 2014 Ad Campaign Shot By David Sims


Wearing the latest fashions and accessories, and pretty much the same pouty expression in all the photos, Miley Cyrus is the star of Marc Jocob's latest ad campaign for his SS14 Ready Ready to Wear Collection.

My Moody Miley Montage:

The 8 print ads, beautifully shot by photographer David Sims, also include models Natalie Westling and Esmerelda Seay Reynolds, are styled by Katie Grand and

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A 'Snow Beasts' MINI and Custom Burton Snowboards by Illustrator Andreas Preis.


A creative collaboration between MINI, Burton Snowboards and urban artist Andreas Preis resulted in hand-painted Burton snowboards and a decked out MINI Paceman, all created for the Burton European Open in Laax.

A matte white MINI Cooper D ALL4 Paceman was given to Preis to use as a blank canvas. Left to the creative devices of Andreas, the car was transformed into the MINI Paceman

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Wearing Nothing But Body Paint.


I shouldn't be surprised that my post on 2013 SI Swimsuit models wearing nothing but body paint is one of my most popular. That said, I've got a new one for you. Once again, as part of their annual Swimsuit Issue, Sports Illustrated painted some of their sexy models with nothing but body paint. Photographed by Walter Iooss Jr. on St. Lucia, models Cris Urena, Emily Ratajkowski, Samantha Hoopes

Limited Edition Kodewa Performance Motorcycle, The Lotus C-01, Designed by Daniel Simon.


Following two years of careful planning and intense development, Kodewa is delighted to announce that that the prototype of the world’s first motorcycle to bear the legendary Lotus marque is now road registered and ready for action.

Kodewa has been granted a license to produce the motorcycle by Group Lotus plc the world renowned sportscar manufacturer and engineering consultancy. The C-01

Monday, March 3, 2014

The 30 Most Stunning 2014 Oscar After Party Dresses And The 10 Ugliest.


By now you've seen the multitude of 2014 Oscars' Best Dressed and Worst Dressed posts from fashion blogs, gossip blogs and magazines. But many of the gowns and dresses worn to the Vanity Fair after party and the 22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party event were even more beautiful than those worn to the award ceremony. And some, not so much.

The following are my own 30

Louis Vuitton Brings Charlotte Perriand's 1934 Modern Beachside Home To Reality.

This is not the first time an old design concept of pioneer Charlotte Perriand's has been realized.  I have already shared with you her 1938 Mountain Refuge concept which was constructed by Cassina in 2012.

Originally conceived in 1934, Charlotte Perriand's chic beach front holiday home was a second prize winning project at a design contest held by “L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui” magazine.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beautiful Interactive Books Introduce Kids To Artists Picasso and Calder.

The other day I received two new wonderfully designed educational and interactive books for kids. Pablo Picasso: Meet The Artist and Alexander Calder: Meet the Artist are the first ever children's books published by Princeton Architectural Press and they are wonderful hands-on introductions to the works of these two legends.

Filled with imaginative pop-ups, cut-outs, pull tabs, flaps, masks,

Best Picture Nominees As Coffee Art by Michael Breach


In anticipation of The Oscars, Coffee Artist of the stars Michael Breach, has created this year's Best Picture nominees in coffee.


12 Years A Slave:

American Hustle:

Captain Phillips:

Dallas Buyers Club:




Wolf Of Wall Street:

Follow Michael and his Bartistart on tumblr.

Tune in tonight to see the Oscars:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Every Single Official Oscar Poster Since 1960.


This is an original post, please do not copy it, but by all means, share it!

Here are all of the Official Academy Awards Posters from 1960 through 2014. Although the Oscars go back 85 years, they didn't begin producing promotional posters until 1960. You may have seen others, but these are the "official" posters as stated by The Academy.  As you can see, some are hideous and others are